Fairtravian (fairtravian) wrote in 3dgraphics,

Architecture Rendering

Hi, I just joined this group!
I was curious as to what is a simple intuitive rendering program for accurate architecture designs. I have looked at alot of programs, a number are far too expensive to afford, to see if there is a rendering program that would be great for architecture design. Autodesk viz is somewhat complicated even though my college let's me have a student license. I have heard Form Z or 3D Studio Max are good, but neither is affordable. I was wondering if Bryce 3D would be worth purchasing because it is only $100, but I noticed that reviewers have called it far too simple to use any detail unless a model from autocad is imported, plus the lack of any real unit scaling. So far I have made most models simply inside autocad without rendering because architecture courses do not teach rendering yet they seem to prefer if you have rendered images, which is why I was wondering if Bryce would be useful because it is supposed to be simple when compared to programs like Viz which are hard to construct objects within them.

Any suggestions would be helpful :)
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