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Any thoughts on Carrara?

I have version 1.0, the one that came out only a few weeks before Metacreations went under. I now have an option to get 5.0, and am wondering if it is a good choice, or if there is some other tool in the same price range that would be better.

I have a lot of experience making 3D art, but next to none with making fully original models. I would like a program that is easy to work with, and well suited to such tasks as modelling new clothing and props for Poser figures, or buildings and scenary I could then use in Vue D'Esprit.

My work is nearly all dones throug Poser and Vue at present, though I can work with Bryce as well - so observations from people using these kinds of tools have added value for me.

Carrara 1.0 looked realtively not too complex, although I was using it with no training, and it went under so fast no user community could develop to help me learn. Is Carrara 5.0 likely to be better off in these regards?
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