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Study 3D programming...

Hey guys... I'm a 3D enthusiast who's looking for educational avenues in 3D programming... I have just started studying opengl and am playing around with it's various features.. while doing so... I intend to get an MS degree. I was hoping to find some info on univs that offer 3D programming or related/relevant courses in an MS program. I understand that there is no such thing as a 3D programming major.. but information visualisation, geometric modelling and other such generic topics are offered..
I'm not too good at Math (which i know plays a major role in these kinda courses).. but wouldn't mind going back to the basics if the course is interesting enough... my ultimate goal is to get into graphics programming.

To make a long story short.. i want info/links/list on univs that offer such courses... or those that have a seperate graphics department like Stanford has(which btw is way out of my reach).. there might be a seperate list for CG offering schools in the US.. I have no idea bout which ones are there and which ones are good.

Any help is appreciated.. thanx in advance.
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